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Hey there. Welcome to my blog.

I know, it’s still empty here: nothing on the walls, no carpets, the furniture looks a little bare and there’s an unexplained wind blowing in from somewhere. Not to worry, though. Soon it will all be nice and cozy, with lots of pretty fabrics flying around, and cute corners for fun and relaxation.

This, my blog, is about the new turn I have taken in life: from a pastime crafter to a full-fledged maker and seller. I have many crafty passions, but these days I put my heart and soul into fabric arts: cross stitching and sewing. I make bags, I quilt, I make quilted bags. Here’s one:

my everyday coffee bag

close-up on the stitched part

This is my everyday bag. It’s about 12″ squared, with a 3″ depth. The square in the middle, embedded in the quilted piece, is, indeed, a bit of cross stitch, . I love this coffee bag. Worse than that, I ♥ it, which is something I never thought I’d express outside Facebook.

In future posts I hope to share with you, my plentiful readers, all that I love: my favorite fabric patterns, my new and fabulous designs, my thoughts and ramblings, and all the goodness in life, handmade and dropped from above.
Good night, y’all. Have yourselves a good week.


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  1. Welcome aboard the blogging world.

    and congrats for any turn in life, especially when it has a creative twist to it 🙂

  2. Ahem. This is not my first blog. Just the newest one. I’d rather not discuss the others 😀


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