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Shalom, y’all!

I feel so pumped up today, good thing I have a blog to vent it off. I just finished sewing today, not only seven cute coin purses but also the tall order that is Micky’s bag.

Here is the story of Micky’s bag:

I made a tote. A very big tote. It had on it lovely japanese ladies on purple background, accented by red panels. Lovely handles, perfect proportions. So then comes Micky, and says she loves this bag, BUT. If it had a zipper, and if it had a space divider (and doesn’t Space Divider sound like a sci-fi accessory?), she would love it even better.

Anyway, here is the bag, before:

before Micky

Notice the pretty combination of colors, the fine proportions and the proprietor’s dainty hand.

I decided to make a new bag from afresh, instead of trying to modify the existing one. It took me half a forever to figure out how to create a lining with a divider that will stand right in the middle of the bag, and not attached to one of the sides. I should write-up a tutorial for this, I’m such a miracle worker!

Anyway, with an added zipper it looks absolutely Fab. I will take some pictures  tomorrow. Don’t expect me to break out the photography gear and personnel at quarter to 10pm. You’ll just have to wait.

Oh, and the coin purses?   c-u-t-e cute!


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  1. There is obviously a lot to learn. There are some good points here.


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