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So! Hello! Any lefties in the audience today?

I gotta tell you, I’ve spent my entire life being a proud lefty. Not talking about political inclinations here, just about strong-hand orientation. Beside that, I’ve spent almost all my life using wrongie scissors (that’s not-lefty scissors for you, righties). I’ve got used to it, not seeing the line I’m cutting, sort of guessing the right place, and if precision cutting was necessary, I’m also the expert on cutting from the right.

Well – no more! (well, not the absolute “no more” but a more specialized field “no more”) I finally bought myself a pair of left-handed pinking shears (zig-zag scissors) for my sewing. I’m telling ya, cutting the fabric from the left to the right is down right (ahahaha) uncanny! I never knew the line I cut looks like that!

I could sit there, cutting for hours, just looking at where it’s actually cutting. Of course, the scissors are exceptionally heavy – I’m not used to cast-iron scissors, and if I’m trying to cut very thick fabric it just gets stuck and crumbles the fabric edges, but I’m still excited.

And in other news, lookit my new business cards! I’m so very proud of them.

Tomorrow I’m going somewhere for some inspiration. Not telling you about it yet, but I hope it proves worth the going.



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