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Don’t piss me off on a Sunday, please.

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A poem:


You – in elaborate make-up,

hair, dress, boots.

Me – in excercise whatnot, hair, bag.

Can’t you find something

better to ask


“Don’t you have a job?”

P.S. I know you’re jealous.

Also, happythoughts: More bags are up in the shop, and 6 days to the Amit women sale countdown.

Layla Tov!


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  1. I’m in love with the clutch. If I order it, can you pls slip in a slice of that coffee cake? Thanks! Idea for your bagel bag: it opens flat, to use like a plate, then zips closed to conceal the offending leftover bagel piece.

    • I was actually thinking of the open-flat thing. I need still to experiment on local oilskin fabrics.
      ALso, alas, the cake was the last slice they had in the cafe. Dulce de Lece cake. You don’t really like dulce de lece, do you? 😉

  2. I’m jealous. I wish I could wear exercise gear all the time. Much comfier than boots.

  3. Who would really say that?!?

    • What, “don’t you have a job”? Why, my next door neighbour, of course!
      You have to know Israelis, Ann. Phrases like “don’t you have a job”, “why isn’t your baby wearing a coat” and “I’ll tell you what you should do” are our bread and rancid butter.

    • When I was interning in Israel, my boss told me that him and his wife were trying to have more kids because his daughters requested a brother. Then he asked me how much my parents made. All of it’s fair game in Israel. Actually it’s kind of liberating, except in cases like this.


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