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I’ve been letting things slide

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Yeah, I know. It’s horrible. 12 days since my last post. You’re all probably thinking I offed to some distant Caribbean island with my latino lover. No such luck, I’m afraid. Have just been working on my men’s bag, doing some housework and cooking, since my kitchen is no longer as clean as it was 12 days ago. Also, inspired by the best of the sets, I decided I’ll try to do a video post. Upon trying my webcam, I came to the conclusion that it’s not that I’m such a video-monstrosity as the webcam makes grainy and yuck videos.

Anyway, stay tuned in a day or so for another installation of my life, including bags and Purim costumes, and in the meantime: Peace, dudes!


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  1. get the Flip camera. I did and I use it for all my Vlogs. It’s great. I would say get the Kodak i80 but they are sold out everywhere

  2. If all of those things you’re doing are considered “sliding” I am screwed.

    Also – sorry about your boob. It’s really the mom version of a punch in the nads. I’ve so been there!


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