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My son is shaming me.

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I never thought I’d say this about my kid before he turned 15. OK, 13. That he’s shaming his only mama. He’s only a bit older than 2, you know. Anyhow, we were at the shoe store the other day, unsuccessfully trying on pairs of sandals, but non the size that will last him more than a month. So after half an hour of a lot of patience on his side, I took him for a much deserved ice cream. We proceeded into the local McD, and got ourselves a cone of soft serve ice cream each. He finished his very nicely, being a very devout ice cream eater, and ate some of mine, too. On our way out we stopped at a table where a friend of his from daycare was sitting with her parents, having some kiddy meal. The friend’s mother offered him some corn nuggets and fries, while I protested “no, no, he just downed a whole ice cream!”. As I was speaking, he grabbed the nugget in one hand, and a french fry in the other and went on to gobble them up like there was no tomorrow. And then he asked for another fry, and for another and yet another. My son, who:

1. Just, as I said, ate a whole ice cream, plus some of mine.

2. Does NOT like potatoes, and never agreed to a french fry in his entire life.

Made me look like some disgusting person who doesn’t feed her kid, or at least doesn’t give him “treats”. Hah!

I did not know where to hide my face, no I did not. I could barely drag him out of there after he polished off a good part of the little girl’s fries, and all the families there were staring at us because it was, well, a small place and my kid has a big presence.

Next time I’m taking a cash box with me and am going to charge people money to look at us.

P.S. After we got home he had another supper. My son, the bottomless pit. I think we’re adopted.


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  1. If you think he is shaming you now, just wait until he hits those teen years you look forward to! In the meantime, be grateful he has a hearty appetite 🙂

  2. You *think* he has a big appetite now? wait until he gets to 16, then you will have a new meaning for the fraze “he’s eating me out of house and home”

  3. So sad. Why won’t you feed him, why? Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers.

  4. Maybe that mother can volunteer to feed him all the time?

  5. Soon you will be the one embarrassing him; that’s when the real fun begins.

  6. Just wait until you start taking him in the public restroom stall with you. That’s when the real fun begins, my dear.

  7. somebody sounds like they were going through a growth spurt

  8. Girl, McDonald’s? We need to talk! I know you are not unaware of how horrible
    that crap is for adults, let alone children who are still developing. Here in the U.S.,
    a staggering 1 in 3 kids are obese and/or suffering from diabetes, and the culprit is fast food.

    I know y’all have much better vittles in the holy land than nuggets and fries, so I hope I don’t have to fly over there and give you a dope slap…

    Big Love!

  9. Boys adore shaming their mothers; mothers learn to suffer. 🙂
    Enjoy now, it will only get better!


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