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A representative list of things (in no particular order) I don’t have to worry about in connection with the BlogHer ’10 convention, what is taking place in NYC this very weekend:

1. If my pregger’s clothing is NYC-grade material.

2. The huge zit I have on my chin.

3. How to carry my huge, 20-kilo limit suitcase all by myself.

4. A 20-kilo limit on the suitcase (that’s 44 pounds, for the metrically-challenged).

5. The amount of shoes I would need that would be both NYC-sexy and also preggy-comfortness.

6. Jet lag.

7. How to survive a 10-hour flight on each direction.

8. Renewing my passport and my US-visa during the hottest season.

9. What to buy Junior as a coming-home present.

10. What if nobody wants to talk to me?  (phew, than goodness I don’t have this one to worry about)

11. How many Twinkies can a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck Twinkies at all, and can you still get those at all?

I would like to end this post with a very good mantra I read this morning, provided by Heather at the mouthy housewives:

“Who needs Paris, who needs France, I wear sexy underpants!”

Have a good time at BlogHer, ladies!

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  1. Hope it is/was a speedy delivery!

  2. lots of fun!!
    ah Ah!!
    I hope you had a great time.
    Nice blog!
    first and not last time I stop by here! 🙂


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