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Time Flies When You’re Busy.

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Which is sort of lame, because, when aren’t we busy? Stealing an hour of peace and quiet is just as important for busyness as… well… being busy.

Anyway, Juniorette started crawling this week. She is not even 7 months old yet, but whenever she sets her eyes on her brother’s train set, she immediately starts pulling herself, army style, towards it. Seeing her grab and bite into a piece of rail or a whole train is hilarious. I’m really glad Junior can’t read yet, because otherwise I’d be in great trouble when he reads this. He goes insane when he sees her touching his precious trains.

Other things that have kept me busy were cooking new foods for Juniorette, who is now eating two meals of solids every day, and getting started on sewing a fantastic shirt for Junior. I got the pattern from Oliver ans S.  Their patterns are simply adorable, remind me next time to upload the dress I made for Juniorette from one of their free patterns. The fabric I’m going to use is exclusively quilters’ “pilot to co-pilot” you can see in the picture here:  which you can’t see because I can’t find a link that will stick the picture into the post. Just google “exclusive quilters pilot to co-pilot”. It’s the one with the cream background and lots of antique planes.

Tomorrow: some baby food. Interested at all?


Update:  I was told that googling the above phrase just brings up this post and nothing else. Try viewing this link, then:  my pinterest.  Also, I forgot to say, I got this fantastic piece at, which is where I get most of my fabrics.

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    I am actually trying to kill some time…. during my longest days ever….. 🙂

    Anyway, I am very interested in some baby food!
    check you out tomorrow!


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