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The economy is flourishing.

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No, I still can’t believe it happened so fast. I had just opened my business officially, and what do I get if not a phone call from a friend of the family who wants to get a bag. “Friend of the family doesn’t count”, you say, but I say, she didn’t have to pick the not-so-cheap bag, and she most definitely didn’t have to get herself another one! Oh, the joy! But I’m telling the story backwards, because the house photographer and I are disagreeing  about whether the FIRST sale I had counts or not. Well, to start from the top:

1. Thanks, mom! Your “I want you to be lucky” purchase worked like magic! Because:

2. Thanks, B.! I hope you enjoy those bags. It was fun for me to make them, and I hope you have as much fun toting them around.

Here, let me show you what she got (I hope you don’t mind, B.):

The pre-Micki bag

and also this one:

The Beagle bag

As my late grandfather used to say, “only tomorrow is not the day after tomorrow”, and that means I have tomorrow left for making an updated  inventory list, ironing of the bags, packing of the accessories, acquiring of the small change etc. before Saturday night, my big début.

Wish me luck. I hope I don’t faint before then.


Great things are afoot!

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Hello there, friends!

I sort of disappeared after my last post, but so many exciting things have happened in this time!

As I hoped, I spent many happy hours (OK, a couple) matching fabrics for another round of coin purses and evening bags. Right now I’m already done with the purses, but the evening bags are somewhat of an experiment (or ten), so they are taking me much longer, but are a fun challenge to my mind. Beside that, I am now also an officially legal business, complete with tax reports, receipt booklets and fancy business cards – the latter will actually happen once the online ordering system of that website comes back to life.

And another exciting thing: Did you notice my fresh header? Up there ↑↑↑ at the top of the blog! It was designed and executed by Vicki Boykis, an economics consultant and a very talented blogger and Photoshop wiz. Thank you, Vicki! I’m loving it!

So, my ETSY store will open soon, where you can see and even (gasp) buy some of my fine merchandise, but for now, I am leaving you with some pics of evening bags. So’s you have a nice evening. In satin and crystals.

Purple elegance

Pearl-grey chic

These pictures were taken at Maya’s Kitchen (Thanks, Maya!).

That’s all for tonight. Back to the sewing machine, me!