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What’s up, Man?

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Fanfare…. tralalala…

Ladies and Gentlemen! I am proud, honored and slightly humbled to present to you my latest creation! My first bag for men, currently known as the manpurse , sorry, manbag, sorry, Metro-something-or-other. In short, the MSOO. Oh well, obviously some parts still need working on.

This little darling was a custom order, from a man, so you can probably appreciate I had very little data to work with. To be exact, the specifics I was given were “shoulder bag. Smallish. In shades of orange.”  Well, thank you very much! It took me forever, and this is what came out:

I’m very proud of it. I like my quiltwork and the padding is just right. You can put your A5 notebook in with, along with your wallet, keys and cellphone, and a pen or two, and that’s it. A small bag, see?

My father’s reaction was “I don’t know any man who would use a bag, let alone a quilted bag”. Well, his face said it, anyway. His face said part 2. Part 1 was definitely said by his mouth. Sorry, dad, I know you’re reading this, but it’s necessary for my little poll. Check out my poll on the sidebar, and please vote. It’s your civic duty.

Besides, right now I’m working on the next one. They’re fun to make. Not polls, menbags.

Also on the news: more bags at the shop and much excitement as the weekend sale in Gedera approaches. In only two weeks, I’ll be holding my stall at Gedera’s Artists’ Open House Weekend. Can’t wait!

Don’t piss me off on a Sunday, please.

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A poem:


You – in elaborate make-up,

hair, dress, boots.

Me – in excercise whatnot, hair, bag.

Can’t you find something

better to ask


“Don’t you have a job?”

P.S. I know you’re jealous.

Also, happythoughts: More bags are up in the shop, and 6 days to the Amit women sale countdown.

Layla Tov!

It’s here!

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Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to announce that my ETSY shop is now open to the public!

Right now there is only one item for sale, but more will join it in the next few days. It’s hard to decide what to put up in the shop and what to keep for the local sale I’m having in a week and a half, or didn’t I tell you about that?

Well, on Saturday night, February 6th, I have a small table at the Amit women gathering in Rehovot, where I’ll be selling my bags and purses out in the open for the first time. I’ve amassed a pile of my bags for the very occasion, and as the time nears, it feels less than adequately enough. Kind of like when you’re cooking for guests, and as the time comes near you just KNOW there isn’t enough food, and you start warning your family members not to hog all the meat, and for heaven’s sake, don’t take seconds of anything. You know what I mean. So for every item I have, there’s this long internal debate: Will the Rehovot ladies buy this? does it have a better chance on the WWW? Who knows? I just know, since the first one is up, the others will follow much more easily.

I also know I need to sit down and make more bags. I have hardly enough.